How to use Spokespeople


Spokespeople makes it easy to record info about your bike journeys. It uses a bluetooth button on your bike, an android app and to help you record incidents or experiences that are important to you while you are cycling. Incidents are mapped online and used to start a conversation about how we can make Newcastle a better place for cycling.


The guide below explains how to use the system using a bluetooth button, but you can also use the system without a button by using the Spokespeople app (android only).

1. Recording a journey (optional)

Press and hold the button on your bike to start recording a journey and remember to bring your phone. Or, open the app and click start tracking.

2. Ride your bike as normal

To tell us about something that happened on your journey, press the button or add the details in the app or at

3. Tap once to enter the details later...

Pressing the button once will create a new incident at your current location. A notification will prompt you to tell us the details at the end of your journey.

4. ...or double tap to record audio now           

The app will launch and immediately begin to record audio. Move to a safe place and talk into your phone to tell us what happened.

5. To stop recording a journey (optional)

Press and hold the button to stop recording your journey or click stop recording in the Spokespeople app.

6. Tell us more about the experience you logged

Answer some quick questions about your journey and any incidents you had. You can also record audio if you like. Click submit.

7. Your experiences are mapped online

Visit to browse other cycling experiences and to comment on and vote for the ones that are most important to you.


8. Help us to start a conversation about cycling

We’ll use your comments to engage other cyclists, researchers, and the council in a conversation about making Newcastle a better place to cycle.