Frequently Asked Questions


1. I have a question / problem / suggestion; how can I get in touch?

You can contact me at


2. Can I keep the button and continue to use Spokespeople after the trial?

Yes, we hope you’ll continue to use it and find it useful. Look out for improvements over the coming months. We’ll be working behind the scenes to spread the word and engage councils and other partners too..


3. I can’t view my experiences after I have logged them

We’re not currently showing logged experiences in app as we’ll be working to make sense of them in our workshop on 24th August (sign up at You’ll be able to do this in later versions of the app.


4. The light on my button doesn’t seem to come on / is stuck on.

This is usually related to battery position. You might need to twist the back cover off and reposition it. We used a stretchy glue to hold the back on as the opening mechanism is light and opens accidentally. Once opened the back may open accidentally again. Still no good? Get in touch.


5. What if I lose / break my button?

You can continue to use the system using the app for the time being. We have a small number of spare buttons so you can get in touch to request a new one if needed.  


6. My friend has an iPhone or other phone and wants to take part… can (s)he?

Not using an app / button. We’re planning to develop an iPhone version in the future. Following the workshop anyone will be able join in the conversation and log incidents using the Spokespeople website.


7. How long will the battery last on my button / can I replace it?

Flic say that the battery should last one year or more depending on use. If you need a new battery then feel free to fit a new one or get in touch and we can provide one.