Spokespeople makes it simple to record the incidents and experiences that are important to you while you’re  riding your bike. These may be positive things like a great new route you’ve found, negative things like a near miss or pothole, or any other cycling inspired thoughts or ideas you may have.

Spokespeople uses a bluetooth button on your bike, an android app and this website to help you record your experiences. When something happens just press the button and tell us the details through the Spokespeople app. Click once to tell us about it later or double click to tell us straight away by recording audio from your phone. It’s quick and easy to do and helps to make your voice heard about experiences that would otherwise be unheard. You can think of it as a very clever bicycle bell.

Your experiences and are automatically mapped where they took place and uploaded to this website where you can browse other cycling experiences and vote for the ones that are most important to you.